An important message about the way we will communicate in 2018

During the last Steel Valley Tri Club board meeting, we discussed potentially implementing a communication tool that will be more efficient than this current Yahoo forum. I know this will seem like a big change because this forum has been around for a long time and change can be difficult, but we believe it is time to upgrade; or at least get everyone’s thoughts on a new platform. The new communication tool we are looking at using is called Slack. Some of you may have heard of this before or even used it. If you google ‘communication tools for teams’, you will likely find Slack at the top of many lists. Some of us have been testing Slack recently and believe it could be a good fit for our group. Now, we are opening it up to you so you can test as well. The purpose of this post is a few things:

  1. Give you some background on why we are choosing a new tool that may replace this Yahoo Forum
  2. Give you some information about how to begin using Slack

To the first point, the reason we are considering going away from this Yahoo forum and a new tool is because

  1. Technology and phone apps have come a long way since this forum was introduced.
  2. Slack can be accessed a variety of ways including iOS, Android, and computer. You can also get email notifications if someone tags you in a comment or messages you directly through the app.
  3. We believe that Slack is user friendly and can even be fun to communicate on.
  4. Today we have redundant communication channels. For example, we have this forum, we have the members only Facebook group and we have the general population Facebook group. These three different channels can make it challenging to get the message out. Where do you post the message? All three places? We hope that Slack can streamline some of this and do away with some redundancy.
  5. Last but not least, just to give you an example of a recent miscommunication that occurred, we had a member present at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is a sign that miscommunications happen and we need to fix them. Put yourself in that member’s shoes. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time. We want our communication to be efficient so that we can all spend more time doing what we love!

To that end, please help us test Slack let us know what you think. How to get started with Slack is below:

Your VP,


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