Dave’s Race

Steel Valley Tri Club is excited to host a race dedicated to Dave Drabison. For more information on this race, including registration, use this link (https://www.imathlete.com/#/legacy?url=%2Fevents%2FEventOverview.aspx%3FfEID%3D70502%26fQuery%3D%26z%3D1532143496161) to enter the race site. … [Read more...]

An important message about the way we will communicate in 2018

Our club historically used a Yahoo forum for communication. In 2018, we began using Slack. To log into Slack, visit steelvalleytriclub.slack.com. Note, you must first have an account. To request an account, please send email to info@steelvalleytriclub.org. … [Read more...]

Summer is flying and so are SVTC members!

It has been a special summer of racing within SVTC. June and July were amazing months for many members. Racing: The Champ Racing Great Western Reserve Tri in June was a great race for many of us. Into July we had even bigger things with IMLP and huge PR's by our QT2 Systems Coaching sponsor athletes as well as many other members getting it done. Big congrats to first time IM finisher JJ, Sandy, and Jason T at IMLP. Also, we had a big batch of finishers at IM OHIO 70.3 and a nice group of SVTC members at IM 70.3 Steelhead and coached by SVTC sponsor Crew Racing. Great job all of you! … [Read more...]

Zipp Wheels Are Here!

Members: Zipp wheels are trying to make make a push into our area. With that, Trailside Bicycles will have a discount opportunity for SVTC members. Please contact me directly at info@steelvalleytriclub.org  for a price list. This is being shared on the honor system and is not to be published or posted on social media. Zipp is deeply involved with racing and triathlon and is a major sponsor of the triathlon and cycling lifestyle. Simply a great company. … [Read more...]

SVTC Welcomes our latest sponsor QT2 Systems

We would like to thank our latest sponsor QT2 Systems Coaching thanks to SVTC member and QT2 Systems Pro Triathlete Amy Javens. Amy has been around about as long as SVTC and an integral part why the SVTC group is where it is today. Check out her bio on the QT2 Systems page here http://www.qt2systems.com/coach-amy-javens/ and see how she went from floatie wearing fool to pro. She is in my personal top 5 people I've seen give to the sport from introducing youth to the sport to guiding the new triathlete adult through the process of their first race. All of this while maintaining her focus toward … [Read more...]

Volunteer and Give Back

With less than 2 weeks to go before the Davis YMCA tri opens many of our members racing season, we hope that you are on your way with your training. If you are not on a training program or training for a longer distance, please consider volunteering for this event. Contrary to popular opinion these events do not run on their own. Our club purports to grow the sport, that is done by mentoring and volunteering your time to others. Simple as that. So, if you are not doing one or the other (or not actually racing in this and the Champ Racing races) please consider spending a few hours helping your … [Read more...]

Club News April 17, 2017

SVTC would like to welcome our newest Ironman Level Sponsor Renaissance 2000 Architectural Developers! Thank You! Renaissance 2000 is an architectural development firm in Canfield, Ohio. It was started in 1987 by Bob Cene Jr. Bob Cene Jr. serves as the President, and his son, Ryan Cene, is the Vice President. … [Read more...]

Membership – Listen Up

The club operates because of its great members. However, the club can not do great things for you if you do not pay your dues early. This helps with planning and keeping the momentum toward great events, training and racing, as well as social gatherings. Please join today and email us with any questions. For those that have joined, the membership committee has sent out the questionnaire and the waiver. Please fill these out and send them back. If you need them, email the membership committee from the contacts page and they will get them out to you. Thank you all members old and new! … [Read more...]

Membership Dues are now…..due!

2017 membership dues are now due (of course you can pay any time of the year but you want to stay current, invited to events, and take advantage of all the training and discount opportunities). Navigate your way to the PayPal link and fill out the form today! January 15th we will begin to clean out those that are no longer members to keep it fair to our sponsors and discount suppliers. Thanks and contact us if you have any issues. … [Read more...]

Winter News 2016-2017

2017 SVTC Officers and Board Positions have been elected or appointed. Check the forum for the full list. A complete list and contact info will be updated on this site soon. Thanks to all for taking on these vital tasks. Executive Board: Rick Chambers, President Erin Shumacher, Vice President Moira Fair, Treasurer Mary Beth Romeo, Secretary Contact us: info@steelvalleytriclub.org The USAT National Challenge Competition begins! You need to get on the roster. You must be a current SVTC member (pay your dues now) and a USAT member (you'll need your member number) to enter. See … [Read more...]

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