Summer is flying and so are SVTC members!

It has been a special summer of racing within SVTC. June and July were amazing months for many members.

Racing: The Champ Racing Great Western Reserve Tri in June was a great race for many of us. Into July we had even bigger things with IMLP and huge PR’s by our QT2 Systems Coaching sponsor athletes as well as many other members getting it done. Big congrats to first time IM finisher JJ, Sandy, and Jason T at IMLP. Also, we had a big batch of finishers at IM OHIO 70.3 and a nice group of SVTC members at IM 70.3 Steelhead and coached by SVTC sponsor Crew Racing. Great job all of you! Finally, MiltonMan finally set a concrete date and SVTC members cleaned up. Lastly we have our resident Xterra maniac Amanda Frost competing in recent off road tris and even claiming a 2nd place in Auburn and an entry to Xterra Worlds in Kona. Way to keep the rubber side down and momentum flying forward.

Sponsors: HUGE Thank You to Austintown Glenwood Cycle for picking up a last minute bike support at MiltonMan

Big shout to Cocoa Elite for fueling me through my first race of the year at MiltonMan.


What may be one of our best years ever for training didn’t disappoint.

Listed here in no particular order:

  1. Bike Skills Clinic thanks to coach and sponsor from QT2 Systems Amy Javens
  2. Transition Clinic was big success and we still hear from newbies how this helped them
  3. Open Water Clinic in Western Pennsylvania by our QT2 Systems coach Amy Javens
  4. Thursday Evening Duathlons have been consistently attended and a few new members pushing their limits as they continue to make training gains. This is exactly what I wanted from these sessions.

Note: Big thanks to Angie Pettitt for stepping up to join the training group for 2018!

The end of the season is looming for us locally and SVTC would like to thank all of you for making this a great season and a rebuilding year for us in many ways. We have some more great improvements and plans for 2018. Get plugged in now and let us know what you want to see happen in 2018.


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