SVTC Welcomes our latest sponsor QT2 Systems

We would like to thank our latest sponsor QT2 Systems Coaching thanks to SVTC member and QT2 Systems Pro Triathlete Amy Javens. Amy has been around about as long as SVTC and an integral part why the SVTC group is where it is today. Check out her bio on the QT2 Systems page here and see how she went from floatie wearing fool to pro. She is in my personal top 5 people I’ve seen give to the sport from introducing youth to the sport to guiding the new triathlete adult through the process of their first race. All of this while maintaining her focus toward going pro. So, to quote the QT2 Systems website (and please read the full offering on our sponsors page):

Glenwood Cycle Chambers Steel Crew Komara QT2 Ren2000 Trailside Udder Cream